Magic, Exotic, Erotic

Winner of Jindřich Chalupecký Award, National Gallery,  Prague 2016



Magic, Exotic, Erotic

are the key principles of the show. It casts light on the darkness and shadows, which we face and go

through, to reach new perspectives on our society, both on a collective as well as on an individual level. Postapocalyptical trash is mashed up with traces of past performances. Optical glass prisms are scattered all over an asphalt floor, the smell brings us to the heavy industrial factories with an atmosphere of

cocaine-hangover which makes us feel like we’re clubbing amidst the ruins of an ancient temple at all. Space is empowered with energy of past performances, their various traces are present, from the ash of a ritual fire to the direct impact of art supplies and other materials, to the environment, which enable us forward to understand the whole situation as a meta-performance that we are taking part of on another level.

This mise-en-abyme is put into a compact message with video installations, where the moments of performances are featured alongside with interviews with special spiritual guests speaking about the meaning of “darkness“ in general.
















Magic, Exotic, Erotic

opening ceremony pole dance performance

feat. Stacey & Anna Nikulina