I donít want to be yet another naive revisionist, like all those masses before me and

around me right now at this very moment. Iím talking about search for new ways of spirituality, about reevaluation of our current stand points, our unchallenged believe in science and its achievements and linear progress. Iím talking about the possibility to conceive through art new bond between contemporary world and ancient rituals and sympathetic magic. But now we are talking a bigger picture and we canít dismiss the role of individual human and hers or his psychology. I see the outer space, as many philosophers from ancient Greece till now on, as a projection, holographic construction, projecting screen of our psychology, mental world, emotions, thoughts, where myths resides for us to rediscover them, like the man of long lost civilisations believed in parallel cosmos of mystical narration and magic, which is so similar to ways of thinking in terms of quantum physics.


MatyŠö Chochola (1986) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and he tooks his exchange at Universitšt der KŁnste in Berlin. He works primarily in the media of installation and performance. Body of his work represents a richly composed universe whose integral part is constituted by the figure of the artist himself. Chochola experiments with postinternet aesthetics, an unorthodox yet sophisticated combination of the symbols of the present and its ancient roots. Trash objects meet precise glass-making techniques, spilled color meets silk painting, the poetry of shamanism meets a 90s disco. He has introduced his work for instance at Manifesta 11 in Zurich, the Grimmuseum in Berlin, the SVIT Gallery and the National Gallery in Prague. In 2012, Chochola received the VŠclav Chad Award at the 6th ZlŪn Youth Salon. In 2016 he recieved JindÝich Chalupeckż Award for his show Magic, Exotic, Erotic in National Gallery in Prague.